Announcing MiniRepo, a minimal Hex server

n 2017 got support for Private packages and organizations, a way for teams to publish and manage packages without making them public. While this works great for many organizations, some have stricter compliance requirements and need to host packages on their own infrastructure.

Today we are happy to announce MiniRepo, a minimal Hex server that can be used for packages self-hosting.

MiniRepo ships with the following features:

  • Pluggable storage (with built-in adapters for local filesystem and Amazon S3)
  • Mirroring
  • Publishing packages via HTTP API
  • Support for multiple repositories and mirrors The goal of MiniRepo is to be minimal so that it can be easy to understand and can serve as a starting point for a more complete solution that may make sense in a given organization.

See instructions for usage with Mix and Rebar3.

Finally, by making it easier to run self-hosted Hex registry we are achieving one of the goals of the Building and Packaging Working Group at Erlang Ecosystem Foundation, which we are glad to contribute to!

P.S.: This post was originally published on Plataformatec’s blog.