Build Elixir applications with speed and confidence

The Elixir Development Subscription is a direct line to our team of experts. Through the subscription, we will work together in code reviews, technical meetings, and team discussions in order to:

  • Remove blockers to ensure steady progress during development
  • Ensure code quality and avoid pitfalls with code reviews
  • Ramp up new team members quickly
  • Make crucial architectural decisions correctly
  • Prepare for and diagnose your application in production

The subscription is charged per seat. Each developer assigned to a seat gets unlimited support and unlimited code reviews.

Why Dashbit?

At Dashbit, we help startups and enterprises adopt and run Elixir in production. In turn, these relationships give us resources and feedback to invest back into the community. Our goal is to advance the Elixir ecosystem through continuous adoption and sustainable open source development.

We have built and maintain many open source projects, such as Broadway, Ecto, Nx, and Elixir itself. We are also active members in community projects like and Phoenix.

Meet the team

Our small but uniquely experienced team has more than 20 years of combined Elixir experience. And with the Elixir Development Subscription, your team gets a direct line to us. Let's get started.

José Valim
Wojtek Mach
Philip Sampaio

You can find more of our own open source projects on GitHub.

Get in touch

To learn more about the Elixir Development Subscription, use our contact form or just send us an e-mail! Don't forget to tell us a bit about your company, your team, and how we can help, and we will follow up as soon as possible.

Or if you would like to just say hi, that's fine too!

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